There is no reason to go through a Engineering temp agencies. Platform-based solutions offer you direct access to engineering talent, which means you can hand-pick the contractor you need.

Temp agencies may provide your business with whomever they can find—and they may or may not be qualified. That’s a chance you just can’t take. After all, the success of your company depends on the successful completion of the job.

Find a Niche Platform
If you do a Google search, you’ll find platforms that connect you with all sorts of different talent. They seem to offer anything and everything under the sun. For instance, a site like Upwork attempts to be the place where freelancers of any sort meet clients of any sort. This makes it hard to find qualified professionals. There’s simply not enough focus.

Instead of going to general sites, head to niche platforms that serve only your industry. For example, Field Engineer is a platform that connects telecom and network engineers and technicians with clients that need precisely that kind of talent. All engineers have proper certifications and licenses, and you can search according to your standards for experience, skills and other characteristics. That means you can get the engineer that’s most able to complete your job accurately and efficiently.